“Layla's challenge has changed my life, and it should be required education
for any person who benefits from white privilege.”

“Layla guided me into my self, taught me how to ask deep questions, find honest answers. Every prompt is with purpose; I am not the exception to white women’s racism, I can want to be good but also cause harm. This journey is long and hard and the most relevant one of our lives.”
— Jael Krebs - Alberta, Canada
The challenge was both difficult and cathartic. As a light skinned mixed-race woman (European/ Black African) it’s easy to overlook the part you play in upholding white supremacy. Addressing these issues made me realise we all have work to do. Even those of us who are somewhat conscious and are adamant we don’t.
— L. Hesketh - Liverpool, UK
This challenge was life-changing. I had (what I thought was) good awareness of white privilege, systemic racism and related concepts before participating, but when I dove into the work, I realized to my horror that I’m complicit in white supremacy in all sorts of unconscious ways. I have a renewed commitment to this work and a deeper sense of its unending nature. I’m no longer striving to be ‘a good white person,’ as I now see how destructive that mindset is. Instead I am taking concrete actions toward supporting, elevating, amplifying and prioritizing BIPOC, and remaining open to hearing about/examining the mistakes I make along the way. Layla has taught me so much.
— Stephanie Dobbin - Rochester NY, USA
This 28 day challenge shifted how I perceive society and my place in it. The prompts took me into deep levels of reflection and opened my eyes to my previously unacknowledged prejudices. It was gutting, painful and deeply important. It opened my eyes to the work that needs to be done if we really want justice in this world. Thank you Layla.
— Dianne McFarlane - Cologne, Germany
Doing the #MeAndWhiteSupremacy was profoundly impactful. I uncovered and committed to unravelling so many of my inherent biases and colonising ancestry and still do so. It was worth every moment of feeling uncomfortable and stretched and I truly believe it is something that every white person should do.
— Julie Parker - Melbourne, Australia
The impact #MeAndWhiteSupremacy has had on me was strong, both mentally and physically. But it is nothing compared to what I have learned. My advice is to download the workbook, complete it, and do the work. Every day, no weekends off.
— Silvia Perrone - Tuscany, Italy
This challenge rocked me to the core! I was defensive, but #MeAndWhiteSupremacy dug deeper until I saw (to my horror) that my silence, my comfort and my defensiveness actually hold systemic oppression in place. These days I am less trustful of my “wokeness”. I am seeing that dismantling the effects of white supremacy and unconscious bias inside me will take a lot of work, a whole lifetime of unlearning. Since the challenge I have moved towards and initiated ‘uncomfortable racial discussions’ with my white family and white friends. I am learning that dismantling white supremacy in our world is more than tears and good sentiments- it actually means paying reparations, voting black people into positions of power and influence, giving back stolen wealth, and protesting. Am I willing to actually do this or just stay comfortable? How much do I want a better world? Time will tell which type of ancestor I will be.
— Leaf Reilly - Chiang Mai, Thailand
#MeAndWhiteSupremacy helped me look beyond my old ‘normal’ . I did not know how deeply misplaced assumptions, attitudes and behaviours ran in me. As someone who identifies as “not racist” I was astounded to unpick just how racist I can be. Layla helped me realise the devastating impact of my micro-aggressions, auto-responses and even the mistakes I make when deliberately trying to be not-racist. It is challenging work, but also a life-changing opportunity, and a gift. Although I have so much work to do, the work made me begin to ‘get it’, and given me the opportunity to become a better person in the most important way I can.
— Vanessa Hammick - London, UK
#MeAndWhiteSupremacy has changed the way I view and navigate the world. It has enabled me to hold myself and my peers accountable for past microaggressions. It gave me a new vocabulary to use when dissecting racist rhetoric. It was an incredibly difficult pill to swallow, but I now own my mistakes and problematic behaviour. I now know better than to check in and out of this work as it feels convenient. Layla’s challenge has changed my life, and it should be required education for any person who benefits from white privilege. I have, and will continue to recommend it to anyone and everyone.
— Mikaila Simmons - Toronto, Canada
I am an Indigenous woman, but visually presenting as white. This challenge helped me to recognize & accept how White Supremecy plays a role in my daily life, even when I don’t realize it. During this challenge, I learned to stop avoiding hard conversations about race & learned to give the voice to BIPOC rather than speaking for them. Layla’s knowledge, honesty, and strong direction helped me do my own hard anti-racism work. Hard work that every person should do. Thank you, this will follow me for the rest of my life.
— Bryanna Lee - Utah, USA
The #meandwhitesupremacy challenge has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Layla’s methods of helping individuals unpack the layers of beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and suppositions that are upheld by white people will make you realize that racism lives in all of us. Furthermore, it is also our life’s work to actively, within OURSELVES, unpack this toxic fog that leaves us all unaware of how insidious the system really is and how it permeates through every fiber of our being. You will never be the same after the #meandwhitesupremacy challenge. My gratitude and love to Layla goes beyond the challenge. It is this life’s work to be a better ancestor.
— Hillary Goldthwait- Fowles, Ph.D - Maine, USA